Our Guiding Principles
People Passion; Literacy; Competency
Approach Process Oriented; Predictive
Machines Technology Thresholds
Error Proofing; Quick Turnarounds; Repetitive; De-skilling
Quality Self Assessed; While performing
Shop Management Flow-based; De-Bottlenecked
Engineering And Aesthetics Equally
Customer Longevity
  About Us
Starting Up
Epsilon Engineering Pvt Ltd was formed in 1991 by a set of first generation entrepreneurs. With a focus on servicing the Telecom and IT industry, Electronics Zone of Gandhinagar, Gujarat was then found to be an ideal locale. Land (2000 sq mts), Building (400 sq mts) and some basic machinery of a non-operational unit were taken up for the purpose of start up.
CNC Turret Punch Press Development
In the scenarios of early nineties, we concluded that the emerging Telecom/IT industry had requirements of enclosures where quantities could be as low as unit piece and yet of stringent tolerances and appearances. While patience of waiting for conventional tooling development would not exist. Thus the need of the hour was manufacturing processes that involved near zero set-up times and yet assure precision and consistency.

CNC based Turret Punch Presses were the obvious answer, however such machines were available only through mega foreign companies such as Amada, Murata, Trumph, etc. at prohibitive price points (capital being scarce resource).

We therefore took upon ourselves the daunting task of making such machines jointly with the help Ahmedabad based manufacturer (NUGEN) and made it happen. We boast of being the first Indian Company to jointly and successfully develop Stepper motor based CNC Turret Punch Press.

1997-1998 saw us repeating a similar feat - this time evolving a Closed Loop machine with Hydraulic Ram for smooth punching strokes.

We must also mention that using simple techniques we have been able to limit set-up times on bending stations.
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